Meet a few of the extraordinary Mississippians who are HIV survivors.

See how they live beyond their HIV diagnosis and why they wanted to share their stories.

Robin's Story

Meet Robin, an HIV survivor since 1986 and was later diagnosed with AIDS in 1987. After Robin’s diagnosis and moving back to Mississippi, he was quick to take the challenge of his diagnosis and turn it into an opportunity to help others by creating MS AIDS Watch and serving for My Brother’s Keeper in Jackson.  He shares his story so that others living with an HIV feel empowered and know that they’re not alone. 

Rymsky's Story

Meet Rymsky, who has been living with HIV for five years. After her diagnosis in 2016, Rymsky realized she wanted to be a voice for changing the stigmatized narrative surrounding HIV. She shares her story to help give women, especially African American women, a voice and let them be seen. Her goal is to bring awareness so that everyone knows that anyone can get HIV, even heterosexual individuals.